S. NO Event Date Act Applicable Form Obligation
1 06-Jan-17 Service Tax Challan No.GAR­7 E­payment of Service Tax for month ending Dec for Companies & quarter ending Dec for others.
2 07-Jan-17 Income Tax Form No.27C (TCS) Submission of Forms received in Dec to IT Commissioner
3 07-Jan-17 Income Tax Challan No.ITNS­ 281 Payment of TDS/TCS deducted/collected in Dec
4 12-Jan-17 D­VAT BE­2 Advance information for 2nd fortnight of Jan of functions with booking cost > Rs 1 lakh in Banquet Halls,hotels etc. in Delhi
5 14-Jan-17 Income Tax Form 16B Issue of TDS certificate in case of payment /credit made in Nov for purchase of property u/s 194IA.
6 15-Jan-17 Income Tax Form No.15G/H E-filing of form 15G/H Quarter
7 15-Jan-17 D­VAT DVAT­20 Payment of DVAT TDS for Dec
8 15-Jan-17 Income Tax Form 27EQ TCS Returns by ALL Deductors.
9 15-Jan-17 Providend Fund Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) E­Payment of PF for Dec
10 21-Jan-17 ESI ESI Challan Payment of ESI of Dec
11 21-Jan-17 D­VAT DVAT­20 & Central E­Payment of DVAT & CST Tax for month ended Dec
12 22-Jan-17 D­VAT DVAT ­ 43 Issue of DVAT Certificate for deduction made in Dec
13 25-Jan-17 D­VAT Form 16 and CST 1 E­ Return of DVAT for the quarter ended Dec
14 27-Jan-17 D­VAT BE­2 Advance information for 1st fortnight of Feb of functions with booking cost > Rs 1 lakh in Banquet Halls,hotels etc. in Delhi
15 27-Jan-17 Income Tax CIT(A) Filing of Income tax appeal with CIT(A) in respect of order received in Dec 16(Appeal to be filed u/s 246A within 30 days of receipt of assessment order )
16 28-Jan-17 D­VAT DVAT ­ 56 Filing of DVAT Return Verification Form for quarter ended Dec where return not signed with digital signature.
17 28-Jan-17 D­VAT DVAT­48 Return of TDS for Dec quarter in DVAT­48
18 30-Jan-17 Income Tax Form 27D Issue of Quarterly TCS Certificates by ALL Collectors
19 30-Jan-17 Income Tax Form No.26QB Payment of TDS for Purchase of Property for Dec and filing of Form 26QB
20 31-Jan-17 Income Tax Return No.24Q, 26Q, & 27Q TDS returns for Dec Quarter by All deductors
21 31-Jan-17 Income Tax Form 61 E­filing of information of declarations in Form 60 received upto 31st Dec.
22 31-Jan-17 Maharastra Profession Tax MTR­6/Form IIIB Payment & Monthly Return of Maharastra PT (Annual Liability 50000 or more)
23 31-Jan-17 Goods and Services Tax GST 100 Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Central Excise Act/ Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT from 1-Jan-2017 to 31-Jan-2017
24 31-Jan-17 Company Act   Board meeting in respect authorization of Goods and Services Tax enrolment.


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