Key features - CODS FORM

Key features - CODS FORM
[1]CODS form is available on MCA website w.e.f. 27th February, 2018.
ü  The e - Form will be auto-approved (STP).
ü  Fees for the forms shall be Rs. 30,000/-
ü  Mention the CIN and Prefill.
ü  Details of documents filed under the Condonation of Delay scheme,2018
                    i.            Enter the SRN of documents filed under scheme
(The SRNs entered should belong to the form ID AOC-4/AoC-4 CFS / AOC-4 XBRL / 23AC/23ACA/ 23ACXBRL/23ACA XBRL / 20B / 21A / MGT-7 / ADT-1/23B/66
            ii.        Maximum 20 SRNs can be entered in a form

ü  The e - Form should be digitally signed by a director or manager or secretary or CEO or CFO of the company duly authorized by the board of directors.


  1. As the form is STP how will you get to know that the disqualification has been removed?


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