MANDATORY reporting of Specified Companies - In respect of MSME dues New Rule 22.01.2019 - Series 403

MANDATORY reporting of Specified Companies- In respect of MSME dues

Article updated as on 22nd January, 2019
MCA on 22nd January, 2019 has published “Specified Companies (Furnishing of information about payment to Micro and Small enterprise Suppliers) Order, 2019. They shall come into effect from 22nd January, 2019.

As per these rules, Every specified companies are required to file MSME form 1 with Roc in below mentioned different situations.

Extract of Act:
2. Every specified company shall file in MSME Form I details of all outstanding dues to Micro or small enterprises suppliers existing on the date of notification of this order within thirty days from the date of publication of this notification.

3. Every specified company shall file a return as per MSME Form I annexed to this Order, by 31st October for the period from April to September and by 30th April for the period from October to March.
I.            Which are Specified Companies:-

Every Company “Public or Private” if falls in below mentioned condition:

II.            Which form Specified Company required to file with ROC:-

Specified Companies are required to file returns with ROC in e-form MSME-1:

Two Type of Returns required filing by “Specified Companies” like:

            ·        One Time Return
·        Half Yearly Return

III.            Which is due date of filing of “One Time Return”?

One time return required to file within 30 days of publication of these rules i.e. 20th February, 2019 (22nd January, 2019 + 29 days)

IV.            In “One Time Return” which type of information required to submit with ROC?

V.            Which is due date of filing of “Half Yearly Return”?

For Half year period ‘April to September’                                      31st October
For half year period ‘October to March’                                        30th  April

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