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KEY TAKE AWAY- REPORT OF   COMPANY LAW COMMITTEE – 2019 14 TH NOVEMBER, 2019 Criminal Compoundable Offence to Civil Wrongs/ Facilitation of Ease of Doing Business/ decriminalize non-compliances of minor, technical or procedural nature. Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issues report on “Corporate Law Committee” on 14 th November, 2019. The basic purpose of this report is followings: v Facilitate and Promote ease of doing business v Ease of living of law Abiding Corporate in the Country v Decriminalize non-compliances of minor, technical or procedural nature Ministry has already re categorized 16 “Compoundable Offence” into “Civil defaults” through Companies Amendment Act, 2019. In this report they have examined the scope of re-categorizing of further remaining compoundable offence into either penalty which can be handling through in house adjudication mechanism providing u/s 454 of the Act or in any other appropriate within the broad framework of rel