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Process of Incorporation of Company – FAQ’s- Series 557

Process of Incorporation of Company – FAQ’s   25 th February, 2020 A Video Latest Process of Incorporation available on following link “ ” MCA has introduced new process of Incorporation of Company i.e. SPICE+. Earlier form RUN and Spice replaced with new form SPICE+. New form SPICE+ available on website of MCA w.e.f. 23.02.2020. 23 rd February on wards all the Companies shall be incorporate through SPICE+ only. QUICK BITES 1.        If name already approved with RUN form then which form shall be file Spice or Spice+? Incorporation of companies for names reserved through the existing RUN service shall continue to be filed in the existing SPICe eform along with related linked forms as applicable 2.        If any spice form is in re-submission then Spice shall be file or SPICE+?

A Hand Book- Independent Directors- Series 516

A Hand Book      Independent Directors This Hand Book provides an overview of “The Independent Directors-Dawn of a New Era vis-à-vis Opportunities for Professionals” Highlights: v Applicability of New Rules of Independent Director v Important Due Dates v Impact of New Provisions on Existing Independent Directors v Opportunities for Professionals like CS, CA etc. v ID Empanelment Process v Registration Process for Companies v Quick Bites  Independent directors play a very crucial role in establishing and maintaining Good Corporate Governance Practices. In order to educate and spread awareness about Corporate Laws, Securities Laws and basic Accounting related reporting and disclosure requirements, amongst Independent directors and to uplift the Corporate Governance standards in India, the Govt. has decided to introduce Online Proficiency Self-Assessment test for Independent directors. Subsequently, MCA has notified t