MCA Amendment – FILING of Form by Insolvency Professional with ROC- Series 553

MCA Amendment – FILING of Form by Insolvency Professional with ROC

To enable statutory compliances of Company, which is under insolvency and Insolvency Professional has been appointed, forms shall be filed by IP as mentioned below:
a.    The IRP/RP first file NCLT Order, approving his appointment e-form INC-28 with ROC .
b.   IRP/RP shall select option “other” at serial no “5(a)(i)”
c.    IRP/RP shall choose designation as “Other” in the form and affix DSC.

d.   Once INC-28 shall be Approve:
·         Master Data of Company shall display that said Company is under CIRP
·         The name of the IP shall be displayed in the CEO column.
·         Only IP shall be allowed to file any form on behalf of IP.
·         For subsequent e-filing with ROC IP shall choose his designation as “CEO”.

e.    IP shall be responsible and will able to file all necessary returns for the purpose of compliance of Companies Act, 2013.
f.     SH-8, SH-9 and XBRL, the IP shall be allowed to file in his role as CEO by single signature instead of two director.
g.    IRP/RP shall file INC-28 on approval of resolution plan, initiation of liquidation proceeding or withdrawal of application of CIPR based on which status of Company shall be updated in Master Data.
If anyone have knowledge of any vacancy please fill the form it just matter of 2 minute, on behalf of all members i will circulate it to all. Link is given below:


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